• Accurate credit information about Building Industry debtors accessible with just a few clicks

  • Comprehensive debtor database that includes over 60,000 entities in Australia

  • Secure reports that reduce risks and guarantee anonymity of trial balance data

Why use BTCA ?

BTCA Online

is a member-based organisation founded by the Timber & Building Materials Association (Aust) Ltd to help suppliers reduce risks and collaborate exclusively with other suppliers in a trustworthy and secure environment. We have been actively helping suppliers in the Building Industry from 1984 to make the right choices when it comes to approving credit, and we’re continually improving and perfecting our service so our members benefit from accurate, updated and useful information about debtors and their commercial exposure.


Our entire service is based on a comprehensive, accurate and updated database that includes credit information about more than 60,000 entities in Australia that receive supplies of goods and services on credit. Basically, our database will help you check the credit background of the customer that wants to purchase goods or services on credit and inform you if the debtor has a good reputation related to paying their debts on time.

Our database is organised and easy to understand using average payment indicators that take the form of monthly percentages for the current and past twelve months. In simpler words, if a supplier has a percentage of 100, it means that all their debt for a specific month is under 60 days old. If the percentage is under 100, then there are situations when they owe money for more than 60 days. Using our database, you will easily make the right call regarding your customers.