Why use BTCA?

BTCA Online is a member-based organisation founded by the Timber & Building Materials Association (Aust) Ltd to help suppliers reduce risks and collaborate exclusively with other suppliers in a trustworthy and secure environment. We have been actively helping suppliers in the Building Industry from 1984 to make the right choices when it comes to approving credit, and we’re continually improving and perfecting our service so our members benefit from accurate, updated and useful information about debtors and their commercial exposure.

Access with just a
few clicks!

Unlike other credit bureaus, BTCA online allows members to check the credit details of their customers with just a few clicks, by accessing This means you won’t have to spend your precious time in a credit meeting at a credit bureau. All you have to do is click your way to the required credit information. Our database is available 24/7 and includes the trading and credit history of over 32,000 entries in Australia totalling annual sales of over $4.5 billion.


Informed and risk-free credit approval decisions

Gathering credit information from suppliers in the building industry that have made the right call by becoming members of BTCA online, we are able to provide credit information from various related sectors such as timber, frame and truss, roof tiles, steel, concrete, building supplies, sand and gravel, bricks, windows, insulation and hire. Our platform allows suppliers in the industry to help each other make an informed and risk-free decision by offering anonymous access to their debtors’ information.

credit information

Because you don’t want to lose money and time we think that there is no better argument to convince you to become a member of BTCA Online and protect your company from unreliable debtors than this. Our service provides accurate financial/credit information about debtors in the building and construction industry, gathered from our collaboration of suppliers with over 32,000 entries in Australia. If you want to know the credit background of one of your customers, this is the place to search!



Our entire service is based on a comprehensive, accurate and updated database that includes credit information about more than 60,000 entities in Australia that receive supplies of goods and services on credit. Basically, our database will help you check the credit background of the customer that wants to purchase goods or services on credit and inform you if the debtor has a good reputation related to paying their debts on time.

Our database is organised and easy to understand using average payment indicators that take the form of monthly percentages for the current and past twelve months. In simpler words, if a supplier has a percentage of 100, it means that all their debt for a specific month is under 60 days old. If the percentage is under 100, then there are situations when they owe money for more than 60 days. Using our database, you will easily make the right call regarding your customers.


To make your decision even easier and simpler to make, BTCA Online provides access to consolidated balances that summarise the consolidated dollar exposure to our members. This way we contribute to a more comprehensive analysis of the account checked and help our members make the right call for their businesses. Moreover, the balances include code numbers for other supplying members, so our members can contact each other and find accurate details from companies that have knowledge of the financial behaviour of the customers.

Exceptions Report

It’s important to know that BTCA Online provides exception reports that list exclusively your debtors and that this report is based on accurate information gathered from our own database. The report highlights the debtors that meet the requested criteria. Where a debtor’s percentage has declined by more than the criteria it is highlighted for time-saving identification. This way, our members can easily identify the accounts that show signs of slowing down their payment to the BTCA membership.

Credit Reporting

BTCA is deemed a Trade Bureau and does not report on consumer credit. BTCA is not a ‘Credit Reporting Body’ and as such is not subject to the requirements of the legislation under Part 111A of the Privacy Act 1988. BTCA is however governed by the 10 National Privacy Principles with well established procedures in relation to the access, storage and use of personal information stored about sole-traders and partnerships.